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Come And Cook With Lesley In Our Cooking Classes
Our Cooking Classes Are Always Good Fun
Hi my name is Lesley, to me there is no greater pleasure than sharing a delicious meal with others. I have always loved cooking vibrant fresh foods. Equally so, I am fascinated in the many health benefits that food brings, so much so that I actually became a Nutritionist some years ago.

So with my love of cooking and my passion for using food as medicine I hope to inspire you to join me in the many cooking classes offered.

We run the Cooking Classes from our home kitchen on our small 18 acre block of land. We have plans to grow our own fruits, nuts, and vegetables that we can use in the Classes. Whenever we cannot grow the produce we need we use local farmers, farmers markets, butchers etc. for our fruit and vegetable supplies as well as much of our meat and fish supplies as possible. Throughout all of our classes we also use local wines, beers, ciders and other beverages, basically eveything is sourced within the Central Highlands area of Victoria.

Oh yes, you will also meet my husband, Glenn, the best dishwasher in the world, and an absolute foodie, he helps keep the classes running smoothly for all of us.

Below you will find links to many of the suppliers that we use through the Daylesford and Macedon Region Producers, and Farmers Markets. You will also find a link to the Slow Food movement....which is all about protecting traditional and regional cuisines, and encourages locally grown plants and livestock, this is something that we constantly promote in our classes.
Datylesford and Macedon Produce
Farmers Markets
Slow Food
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